Legal Separation in New York

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If you and your spouse are experiencing marital troubles but are not ready to consider divorce, legal separation may be a good solution for your situation. A separation agreement is a legal contract between a couple that details the plan of how the couple will live separately while still remaining wed under the law.

Your agreement would address such issues as custody and visitation of your children, financial matters, property division, and other relevant factors of your separation. Should you and your spouse later decide to divorce, this agreement can be incorporated into the final divorce order.

The purpose of the agreement is meant to enable you and your spouse to successfully live apart while dividing your respective rights and the responsibilities of your household.

The separation agreement is legally binding, which means if you or your spouse fails to comply with the terms, it can be enforced by the court. If you do choose to divorce, the process may be simpler, as the judge can easily convert this agreement into a divorce order.

What are the Benefits of Separation?

Divorce is a serious decision for any couple to make, and if you are not absolutely sure that it is the right choice for your family, you should wait on taking this big step. In such situations, separation may be a great option and can provide many advantages.

Benefits of Separation:

  • Live separately but maintain a married status for religious reasons
  • File taxes jointly
  • Maintain some legal benefits of marriage (health insurance, social security for those married 10+ years, etc.)
  • Time apart to think and decide if divorce is best
  • The separation agreement can easily be converted into a final divorce order

By speaking to a knowledgeable Garden City legal separation lawyer, you can learn how separation could benefit your unique circumstances.

The Importance of Experienced Representation

This is a stressful time for you and your spouse, but it is important to have all the facts before making a choice as significant as divorce. By discussing separation with your attorney, you can think through your marital problems and the effects divorce would have upon your family and your possessions. Separation can allow you to experience what life may be like if you and your spouse end your marriage, and how your children and other relatives would be impacted.

If you are considering separation, it is important to first discuss your situation with a seasoned Garden City divorce lawyer. Just as there are a number of legal benefits to be enjoyed from separation, there are also certain legal implications you must be aware of. Your attorney can assess your circumstances to determine how you could be affected be separation and protect your rights and interests as you seek an agreement with your spouse.

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