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Have you been the victim of domestic violence in New York? When your spouse, significant other, or close relative causes you harm, you can shield yourself from further aggression by seeking an order of protection from a Family Court. The Garden City divorce lawyers at our firm can help you take appropriate legal action to minimize your risk of domestic violence.

At Jonathan E. Edwards P.C.., we understand the suffering, emotional and physical, that can result from domestic violence. It may be difficult to admit that you are a victim of physical aggression.

Our legal team has helped thousands of clients through a variety of family law cases, and we are prepared to provide the firm, compassionate service you need at this time. Contact us today for a confidential case evaluation.

How an Order of Protection Works

To receive an order of protection, you must file a petition with a local Family Court. When issued, an order will guard you from an abusive individual for a specific amount of time. The specific function of an order depends largely upon the nature of your request.

An order of protection can:

  • Order a person to stop abusive activity
  • Provide you with temporary custody
  • Keep a person away from you or your children
  • Prevent the person from contacting you in any way
  • Demand adherence to terms of custody and support

These and any other terms will remain in place and enforceable by law until the protective order legally ends. This will remain true even if you move out of state while the order is still in effect. Because people sometimes violate orders of protection, it is important that you are always prepared to take emergency action.

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