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If a child is born within a marriage, the mother's husband is legally acknowledged as the father. If the parents are unwed when the child is born, the father can sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity in order to be recognized as such. Where either of these circumstances does not apply, a Garden City divorce attorney can provide guidance regarding a paternity case. There many reasons this may arise, such as:

  • A mother may wish to prove paternity in order to then seek child support from the father.
  • An alleged father may wish to disprove this relationship so that he is not ordered to pay support for a child not his own.
  • A father may wish to establish paternity as he otherwise has no legal right to child custody and visitation
  • A mother or child may wish to prove paternity in order to gain access to the government benefits available through this relationship.

Filing a Paternity Petition on Long Island

A paternity petition may be filed by any of the above-mentioned parties or by the child's guardian. The Department of Social Services may also initiate such an action against the alleged father if the child is receiving public assistance so that an order of support may be sought.

Establishing paternity can also be helpful in providing a more complete medical history for the child as well as providing emotional benefits in many cases.

If you wish to file a paternity petition or respond to one which has been filed against you, speak to Jonathan E. Edwards P.C. We understand this is a sensitive issue and will treat you with the respect you deserve while working tirelessly as advocates for your rights.

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