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In our state, grandparents are entitled to request child visitation rights, but only under specific circumstances, such as a divorce or the death of a parent. Since the bond between a child and parents is considered paramount by courts, a judge will not do anything to undermine or supersede that bond.

In cases where grandparents have a strong relationship with a child, however, a court may decide that visitation rights are acceptable, as it would be in the best interests of the child to continue that relationship.

The terms of visitation can be agreed upon by the parents and grandparents. If an agreement cannot be reached, the grandparents may call on the court to make a binding determination on the involved parties' behalf. If you are a grandparent who is seeking visitation rights with your grandchild, give us a call today to discuss your situation.

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Jonathan E. Edwards P.C. is committed to protecting the rights of family members in times of conflict, such as a divorce. This includes grandparents who are in danger of losing the ability to see their grandchildren. If the parents of your grandchild are going through a divorce, we can provide you with legal representation in your pursuit of visitation rights.

In addition, we can help you seek custody of your grandchild if the child's parents have been deemed unfit to provide care, due to drug or alcohol abuse, mental illness, criminal activity, domestic violence, or child abuse.

Our goal is to reach a resolution in which you are able to maintain the bond you have with your grandchild, regardless of outside circumstances. If you are seeking to protect your rights as a grandparent, contact a Garden City family attorney from our team to fight for your ability to visit with your grandchild.

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