Enforcement of Custody & Support Orders

Garden City Child Custody Attorney

The law provides for circumstances in which one parent is not conforming to the child custody or support arrangements determined during the divorce. If your ex-partner is failing to pay support in full, is hindering your involvement in your children's lives or failing to meet his or her responsibilities regarding them, call us today.

Your Garden City family lawyer can work to prove a pattern of conduct which interferes with your visitation rights or your relationship with your children. Based on this information, your ex-partner could be held in contempt of court. Your legal representative can guide you through the routes available for recourse to protect your rights as regards your children.

Support enforcement begins with administrative measures and can escalate to court involvement as necessary.

Steps taken can include:

  • Wage withholding
  • Income tax refund offset
  • Lottery prize offset
  • Driving privilege suspension
  • Seizure of liquid assets, e.g. bank accounts
  • Liens against real or personal property
  • Referral to the Department of Taxation and Finance, authorized to use all methods of tax collection for the collection of past due child support
  • Credit bureau reporting
  • Suspension of business, professional or recreational licenses
  • Requiring the payer to post an advance payment against which future child support payments can be drawn

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When you are facing legal issues regarding your children or finances, talk to the team at Jonathan E. Edwards P.C. We are committed advocates for your rights and the best interests of your children. In practice for approximately 24 years, our expertise in the area of family law allows us to identify pragmatic solutions supported by the law and enforceable through the legal system.

Contact a Garden City child custody attorney from the firm for help with enforcement actions if your ex-partner is not complying with custody or child support arrangements.

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