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Child support is decided at the time of divorce or separation and can be modified down the road to meet each spouse's needs. When unforeseen circumstances require a modification of your child support ruling, Jonathan E. Edwards P.C. can guide you to a favorable result. Contact our Long Island family lawyers today for legal representation rooted in more than two decades of superior service.

When to Request a Modification

State law strictly regulates the creation and modification of child support. A plan can only be modified when one or both parents meet certain criteria. Our firm can determine if you are eligible to change your terms of support, and can help you build an effective case for your request.

To modify support, you must demonstrate one of the following:

  • The initial ruling was at least three years ago
  • Either parent's income has changed by at least 15%
  • Your circumstances have changed significantly

Given the difficulty of changing a child support plan, our attorneys can help you negotiate favorable terms at the very outset of your divorce. When difficulties arise, we will continue to be at your side, ready to help you weather the storm with a recalculated support plan. Jonathan E. Edwards P.C. can provide the legal counsel you require in any situation.

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Life is unpredictable. Our Garden City child support attorneys have spent more than 45 collective years working in family law, and we understand the difficulties that arise when you face economic difficulty in the years following the dissolution of your marriage. Whether you have lost your job or your child has developed an expensive medical condition, we are prepared to help you seek a favorable support plan.

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