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Are you currently considering filing for divorce on Long Island? Do you want to move forward with divorce mediation, but your spouse is unwilling to cooperate in the mediation process? Whatever your current situation may involve, our divorce mediation firm on Long Island can be of assistance.

If we are retained as your legal representative, we can be trusted to provide effective counsel during any negotiation or litigation matter. If we move forward as your trusted attorney-mediators, we can stand at your side every step of the way to help reduce conflict at this time.

We want you and your family to embrace this new chapter of life – and we want you to do it in a stress-free manner. Let our compassionate Garden City divorce attorneys at Jonathan E. Edwards P.C. help you.

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What is Divorce Mediation and How Can It Help You?

Your divorce mediator will have the following primary responsibilities:

  • Helping you resolve any differences with your spouse
  • Guiding you to a mutually favorable resolution
  • Supervising discussions regarding various factors pertaining to your divorce

Divorce mediation refers to the process of using a divorce mediator to settle a divorce out of court. Because mediation takes place outside of the courts and without the involvement of a judge, a separating couple going through the process of mediation will not have to deal with the hearings, costs, or legalities associated with a divorce lawsuit.

Because divorce mediators are often third-party outsiders who have no interest in the success of one spouse over another, the divorce mediator can offer objective opinions as to how you, your former spouse, and your family can enjoy a satisfactory outcome.

Top Advantages of Divorce Mediation with Jonathan E. Edwards P.C.

There are countless benefits associated with our divorce mediation services:

  • Provides an alternative to litigation
  • Reduces conflict, stress, or disagreement
  • Saves the expenses associated with a lawsuit
  • Fosters agreements based on what is fair
  • Promotes open discussion to air grievances
  • Typically results in a final decision that will appease all family members, therefore, will generally last longer than a court-order or mandate
  • Opens the opportunity for the couple to discuss difficult issues or legal matters in a non-judgmental environment or even with the help of a team of family law professionals

At Jonathan E. Edwards P.C., our Long Island divorce mediator can draw on experience as an aggressive litigator as well as a tenacious negotiator to help provide you with careful, compassionate, and effective counsel.

As you and your spouse navigate the complex terrain of divorce and move forward with your lives, we can help you understand all the pros and cons associated with your decisions or divorce options. This way, you and your spouse can make informed choices that could benefit your family in the long-run.

When the divorce mediation process concludes, your attorney-mediator will have the responsibility of creating a separation agreement that documents and incorporates all of the issues discussed and agreed upon during the mediation process.

Once a separation agreement is put into place, you and your former spouse can live separate from one another.

Why Choose Jonathan E. Edwards P.C. for Your Mediation Needs

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At Jonathan E. Edwards P.C., we are a full-service law firm that caters to the unique needs of our clients. Our firm is home to a lawyer who has secured the prestigious AV® Preeminent™ Rating by Martindale-Hubbell®, which is the highest possible accolade offered by the attorney rating system.

Having served the rights and interests of clients on Long Island for more than 25 years, we understand that no two cases and no two families are alike.

If you and your spouse prefer to get divorced rather than live under a separation agreement after mediation, we can also prepare all of the necessary papers and documents necessary to facilitate the divorce process.

Not only can we help you through the process of mediation, but we can help you take the appropriate measures to ensure your mediation agreement is acceptable under the scrutiny of the law and family court judge. From child custody to equitable property distribution, we can assess all aspects of your mediation agreement to make certain it is in total compliance with state laws.

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At a time when divorce is more prevalent than ever, and at a time when the economy is as unstable as ever, working with a third-party divorce mediator could save you and your family time and money as you reach a favorable resolution.

Do you want to learn if mediation right for you and your family? Garden City divorce mediator Jonathan E. Edwards is happy to speak with you regarding your specific family dynamic. We strive to keep your legal matters out of court; but, if necessary, we can be trusted to litigate fiercely on your behalf, according to the highest standards of discretion and privacy.

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