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Spousal support, or alimony as it is also called, is a court-ordered payment from one ex-spouse to another. Spousal support can be awarded before, during, or after a divorce, and is designed to pay for expenses such as housing, food, medical care, and possible lost income. Generally, spousal support is not awarded on a permanent basis.

It is ordered for a specific period of time, and only under certain conditions. The amount of support ordered and the amount of time it is ordered will be dependent on the couple's circumstances and a number of other factors of their marriage. The four main types of support are:

  • Temporary Support: can be issued to support one spouse while the final divorce order is pending. The temporary order can be replaced by a final order after the marriage is officially terminated.
  • Rehabilitative Support: payments issued to one spouse with the goal of helping them obtain a career through training or education so that they can become self-supporting.
  • Duration Support: payments ordered for a specific amount of time. In some cases, support is ordered for the remainder of the recipient's life, although support is more commonly ordered for a limited length of time.
  • Purpose Support: ordered with the intent of providing for the supported spouse until they are able to be self-supported. The court can modify the duration and amount of support if the recipient's circumstances change.

Determining Support in Garden City, NY

When a court decides on the terms of a spousal support arrangement, including the amount and the length of time it is to be paid, they consider several issues. These issues include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The dependent spouse's age
  • The dependent spouse's health
  • The assets, property, and outstanding debt that each spouse possesses
  • Each spouse's income
  • Each spouse's earning potential
  • The behavior of each spouse during the marriage
  • Which spouse has primary child custody

If you are seeking spousal support from your ex-spouse, or are trying to block a spousal support request that you feel is unfair or unreasonable, contact a Garden City alimony attorney who will fight for your best interests.

Resolving Support Disputes on Long Island, NY

At Jonathan E. Edwards P.C., our attorneys have represented clients in divorce cases of all types, including those involving spousal support disputes. We fully understand our state's spousal support laws, as well as the formulas that are used to calculate payment amounts.

We are available to provide you with immediate representation in your alimony case. Our goal will be to reach an outcome in which you obtain a fair arrangement that suits your financial needs.

If you are trying to settle a spousal support matter in your divorce case, contact a Garden City alimony lawyer from our firm who will fight for a positive result on your behalf.