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Areas We Serve

Helping Clients in Hempstead and Nassau County

When you are dealing with divorce or other sensitive matters, it is important to obtain legal counsel and representation you can trust. The legal team at Jonathan E. Edwards P.C. has more than 20 years of experience, and has helped thousands of individuals and family. We are well-equipped to represent your best interests in family law issues in the following communities:

Assistance with Separation and Divorce

If your marriage is not working and you are not ready to consider a divorce, it may be beneficial to obtain a legal separation. Without losing certain advantaged of marriage, including maintaining health benefits and staying married for religious reasons, you can live separately to decide if divorce is the best option for you.

If you are considering divorce in Hempstead and Nassau County, it is important to speak with a divorce attorney. The legal team at Jonathan E. Edwards P.C. can explain valid reasons for divorce according to the state of New York, including cruel and inhumane treatment, abandonment, incarceration, adultery, legal separation or evidence of an irreparably broken relationship. In addition to helping you file for divorce, we are prepared to protect your interests during the divorce process in property division, child custody agreements and child support.

Division of Property

One of the major issues involved in a divorce is how property will be divided. Although New York is an equitable distribution state, your marital property may not be divided equally between you and your spouse. When dividing property, judges consider the specific circumstances of a marriage and divorce before making a decision. Our legal team is well-equipped to build a compelling case for why you should be entitled to a significant portion of the assets.

Fighting for Your Rights

Fathers and mothers are given equal treatment with regards to their children. Sometimes fathers feel that the mothers are given unfair preferential treatment, but we can help you protect your rights and maintain fair access to your children. If you believe the New York courts are favoring the mother of your children, we can assist you in seeking fair treatment with regards to child custody, child support and visitation rights.

The loss of a child or a difficult divorce may have removed you from the lives of your grandchildren. You have certain rights as a grandparent, however, and we can assist you in seeking the visitation rights that you are entitled to under the law. If your grandchild's parents have been deemed unfit for reasons including substance abuse, mental illness or child abuse, we can help you fight for custody of your grandchildren.

Assistance with Paternity Cases

If you were not married to your child's father when your child was born and the father did not sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity, you may benefit from proving paternity. Proving paternity can help you pursue child support from the child's father and obtain government benefits, if you are the child's mother. If you are a father who wishes to obtain custody or visitation rights to your child, you can also pursue paternity. Obtaining negative paternity results can eliminate the need for you to pay child support, if you are not the father. Whether you would like to initiate a paternity petition or respond to one, we are well-equipped to provide you with excellent legal guidance and counsel.

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